Blog Redesign


The problem: A consistent decrease in organic traffic to articles and blogs which is causing a large drop in interaction and high quality leads.

The goal: Improve engagement, interaction, and performance of new and existing articles and blogs. Through personalization and promotion of related content, we will drive users through multiple pieces of content while making our scientific experts available to answer questions or explore ideas. We will make it easier to register for notifications of relevant content and ensure that content is accessible on all devices to provide an enjoyable experience.

My Role

  • Designer Collaboration
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Planning




Qualitative Survey

Through the use of open-ended questions I revealed specific experiences, opinions, and narratives of user experiences interacting.


  • Pfizer
  • Biogen
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Columbia University


  • Product Managers
  • Scientists
  • Marketing

Actionable Insights

  • Provide relevant copy and approved notifications of newly published content
  • Ensure content goes indepth enough to truly add value to the target audience
  • Build in interaction and support for questions

Quantitative Research

Through a review of analytics, keywords, and other stats over a six year period, light was brought to many concerns that were worth addressing throughout this project.

Actionable Insights

  • Increase the number of new content released each month
  • Improve the quality of the content
  • Create long-term content - blogs received the greatest traffic after three years
  • Optimize content to including keywords, SEO, tagging, and related content


As a leading source of organic and referial traffic, and engagement across JAX's digital platforms, blogs and articles play a keyrole in the engagement of new and existing users. The experience has not been optimized in years.

Outcome #1: A user can view/access content on any device while helping to guide them to related articles and opportunities to work with JAX.

Outcome #2: A user enjoys the new experience and wants to be notified of future blogs related to a specific area of interest.

Outcome #3: A change in resource allocation will reduce the cost of paid ads and increasing resources to develop new content. This will result in a reduction in overall cost by 30% over four years and also reducing the cost per lead by 19.13% overall.


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