Digital Strategy Roadmap


The goal: Develop a five year strategic roadmap for the development of, outlining how the web is currently used and defining a desired future digital experience that encompasses system functionality, information architecture, governance, and organizational support. The roadmap covers for specific areas that include functionality, information architecture, governance, and organizational support.

My Role

  • Product Discovery
  • Product Planning
  • Product Development
  • Day-to-Day Management of External Resources



Research Overview

The Journey

  • Market research to assess the current cometitive landscape and digital experience
  • Interview external customers to gather an overall assessment of their priorities and JAX, unmet needs and opportunities to improve the experience
  • Internal interviews with subject matter experts to better understand business prioriities, culture, background and pereceived opportunities


  • Develop customer personas based on insights that will help drive future state solutions
  • Map critical current state customer joruneys to identify top pain points and emerging opportunities

Stakeholder Interviews


Talk to a range of JAX associates across different teams and functions to gain insight into:

  • Key roles and functions across the organization
  • Strategic and departmental priorities
  • JAX Customers
  • Where JAX excels
  • Overall opporutnities to improve customers experience
  • Opportunities to improve digital experience

Affinity Mapping

architecture structure

Customer Interviews


Interview external customers from across Education, Research and JMCRS to better understand their roles, wants and needs from JAX and the digital experience. Interview questions centered on:

  • Customer role
  • Top needs from JAX
  • Customer pain points
  • Top opportunities

Actionable Insights

  • Lack of real-time data
  • Connecting to the right people to solve the problem
  • Inconsistent and hard to find information
  • Overall difficulties
  • Intimidating and overwhelming information

Top Customer Needs

  • Accurate and up to date information and support
  • Partnership for new advancements (Model support for niche projects)
  • Easy access to tools

Customer Personas

architecture structure
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architecture structure

Detailed Persona

architecture structure

Journey Mapping

Confusing Experience

  • The customer gets lost when trying to self-navigate
  • Searchable library of past events would benefit all audeinces and journeys - requires consistent nomenclature across departments
  • Intuitive tools could reduce the need to calls to connect users with the right resources
  • A clear and compelling brand story

Designed for Internal Siloes

  • Align content across departments and target audiences
  • Target content based on level and type of engagement in program
  • Bridge experience to other courses and content
  • Opportunity to model universities with virtual tours

Disconnected Technology

  • CMS is disconnected across programs and departments
  • Need for common and/or connected platforms and tools across programs
  • No way to manage full end-to-end engagement and conversions
  • Currently unable to track engagement with site to guide or push content
  • Mobile enrollment and engagmeent opportunity across journeys

Collaborative Sessions

Focused on alignment and opportunities

architecture structure

Summary of Findings

Customer Confusion

  • Education - Disparate experience by audiences and lack of integration across programs
  • Commercial - Confusion within the purchase experience and lack of integration to broader JAX offerings.
  • Research - Difficulties connecting to necessary content and expertise
  • A clear and compelling brand story

Disconnected Technology

architecture structure

Purposeful Experiences

  • Design experience based on customer priority
  • Cross promote and connect capabilities
  • Stop being everything to everyone
  • Align taxonomy and ability to navigate across content

Common Strategic Alignment

  • Cross departmental goal and vision alignment
  • Customer prioritization
  • Clear architecture and guardrails
  • Insights driven decision making

Rationalize Technology

  • Robust and connected back-end systems
  • Ability to track across programs to see the customer funnel
  • Tech decisons driven by business requirements and alignment